Our Story

A mother-daughter initiative.

CURRENT ANTWERP consists of a small capsule collection, not bounded by seasons or any limits for that matter. The right shapes, fabrics and sizing is what makes CURRENT ANTWERP the label for effortless elegance. 

Founder Inge Van Houte and her daughter Louise Rooms came with the idea to start their own label sparked by the ever-changing dynamic in fashion. Carefully selecting the designs that are currently ready-to-wear. A label designed for and by the modern day woman, who chooses quality over quantity and opting for timeless pieces instead of one day wonders.



Every production and design decision is made with an anti-waste and close-the-loop minded perspective, which is why we prefer to use deadstock fabrics and print our own design on fabrics made in Italy. Each dress is only limited available, as we try not to create overproduction and that is the reason why each Current dress is unique and authentic, just as the person wearing it.